About ren

We are an award-winning production company and creative firm that specialise in film, photography and creative direction.


An award-winning production company meets creative agency specialising in creating unique content. REN is a collective of talented creatives who are passionate about producing content that provides engaging visual experiences. We envision the ideas and execute the concepts creating rich visual communications.


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We specialise in the creation of dynamic visuals
and technical production. We work closely
with our clients from the early stages of pre-production
to the final editing process to ensure a perfect result.
Our film services include fashion, runway and behind the
scenes to music videos, advertising and documentaries.



We offer a diverse range of photography
services from fashion lookbooks, campaigns
and editorials to advertising,
promotional and lifestyle.



Art & Creative Direction

We pay attention to every detail, which allows us
to create a specific feel and unique visual identity
each of our projects. Visuals play a huge part in
our work and we believe that art and creative direction
is a fundamental part of bringing an aesthetic
together in any image or film.



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Creative Commission
Peoples Choice Wave Category
Gender Bender - Tirade Magazine

Radar Music Video Awards
Best Radar Commissioned Video 2016
Out Is In - Lea Porcelain


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International Music Video Festival Paris
Mustang Blood - Talisco

Mustang Blood - Talisco


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Word Is Cheap
Video of the Day
Out Is In - Lea Porcelain

Video Premier
Out Is In - Lea Porcelain