BTS: Lea Porcelain

We recently arrived back from Sofia, Bulgaria where we filmed a music video for a new track by Lea Porcelain. The video won’t be released until January but for now we are giving you taster of whats to come.

We spent a week in Sofia – 4 days for location recce-ing and rehearsing, the other 2 for shooting. We used a number of different locations from a high-rise suburb, to the metro to a lake.

Bulgaria offered diversity in terms of a wide variety of  locations which allowed us to increase the production value of the video. The overall aesthetic of Sofia matched the feel we wanted to achieve – a nondescript city which can turn from a concrete jungle to lake lands.

Mayling Wong, Producer



I wanted to create a different aesthetic for this video – something raw, with character. Bulgaria was the perfect place to film.

Ethan Graham, Director


Thank you to everyone in Bulgaria who worked and helped us.

All photography by Ivan Spasov.